SSSP Conference 2014 San Fran and AIDS Related Research

Hello SAN Members,

Fellow SAN colleague Abdallah Badahdah and I had hoped to submit abs=
tracts to SSSP 2014 (San Fran) to present our AIDS related
in-progress work but for the first time found that not one session topic a=
pplied to our work and there are no AIDS specific sessions.  ASA was n=
ot a possibility as they require a full paper and neither of us are at that=
stage yet with the work we hoped to

So we have an idea and encourage other SAN members to consider this =
as well:

SSSP allows for the below option, which you will not see unless you =
start the process to submit a paper; it is at the very bottom
of the list of sessions as an option, when you are signed into the website=
/your account:

If you cannot fi=
nd two suitable sessions in the list above, click the
Submit to Program Committee Co-chairs button below to submit your pa=
per to the Program Committee Co-chairs: Kelly L. Patterson and Robert M. Si=
lverman. They may be able to find a place for your presentation in the annu=
al program.

We are going to submit our abstrac=
ts and will check this last option.  Then if other AIDS related
papers are submitted via this option, then perhaps the SSSP organizers wil=
l craft a dedicated AIDS related session.  Or, they may find a place f=
or our work in their regular sessions…that will be tough though as we=
could not find a place!  So our hope is that
enough HIV related abstracts will be submitted using the last open option =
for them to create an HIV related session.  

Importantly, some of your HIV rela=
ted work may fit one of their sessions, but if it does not,
please consider still submitting to SSSP and choosing the option of S=
ubmit to Program Committee. Two of us plan to do so using the last option. =

The DEADLINE is Jan 31

Best, CF


Carrie E. Foote, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Sociolog=
Director of Graduate Studies

Indiana University-Purdue University

CA 306b, 425 University Blvd.

Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

Phone: 317.278.8454


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