Possible co-spsonsor for — HIV Criminalization Conference to be

Hello SAN Colleagues,  there are so m=
any folks on our network who work in the area of HIV and Criminalization th=
at I would like to add SAN as a co-sponsor for this conference,
the first of its kind in the US.   I suspect a few of you may ev=
en be part of one of the planning working groups mentioned below.  In =
any case, I just need to confirm that at least one of you plans to particip=
ate in the conference (as bullet three requires
someone from the cosponsoring group to be there) as then I can add SAN to =
the co-sponsor list.  If you are aware of this conference and already =
have plans to participate let me know as that will then qualify us to sign =
on as a cosponsor.   Also let me know
if  you are part of the planning group as I would mention that in my =
email to them.


And of course if anyone objects to SAN sig=
ning on to cosponsor the conference, let me know as well. I need to let the=
m know by this Wed. — CF



From: roject@g=
On Behalf Of Tami Haught


As many of you know by now, we are planning and organizing the 1st ever HIV=
Criminalization Conference to be held in Grinnell, Iowa, June 2 – 5, 2014.=

The key thing at this stage is for us to know if your organization is able =
to become a co-sponsor of the conference.  Co-sponsors agree to the fo=
•Have their organization’s name and logo used on the list of co-spons=
oring organizations in promotional materials relating to the conference;
•Help promote the conference through listserves, newsletters, elists =
or any other channels available to the co-sponsoring organization;
•Send at least one person from their organization to participate in t=
he conference.

We are working hard to make this conference as accessible to as broad a ran=
ge of partners and participants as possible and we would very much like to =
include all of the organizations who have had representatives participate i=
n any of the conference planning
calls or work groups.  The list of co-sponsors is in formation; pleas=
e let us know as soon as possible if you are able to add your organization’=
s name.  So far, we have

AIDS Foundation of Chicago; Community HIV/Hepatitis Advocates of Iowa Netwo=
rk; HIV Justice Network; HIV Prevention Justice Alliance; Lambda Legal; One=
Iowa; Positive Iowans Taking Charge; Positive Women’s Network-U.S., =
Sero Project; U.S People Living with HIV
Caucus; Louisiana A.I.D.S Action Network, Americans Civil Liberty Union of=
Iowa; My Fabulous Disease; Gay Men’s Health Center; The Project of Primary=
Health Care. We hope to have more before the media alert and funding reque=
st are sent out on this week.

In addition, if you have any edits or suggestions concerning either the med=
ia advisory or the funding request, please forward those along as well.&nbs=
p; We will be adding new co-sponsors on an ongoing basis, but the cut-off f=
or being included in this initial media
advisory and funding request is this coming Thursday, at 12 noon EST.&nbsp=

To confirm your organization’s participation, please send an email and your=
logo to

Please also cc Cindy on any correspondence, at
cindy.stine@seroproject.com, so&nb=
sp;she can keep the work group chairs properly informed as we proceed.

Thank you.

Cindy Stine  and Tami Haught

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