MA/PHD Program recommendations — women, race, SES

Hello SAN Colleagues,


Can anyone suggest good Sociology MA=
and/or PhD programs  for a very promising applicant interested in
community based HIV/AIDS applied rese=
arch with a focus on women, race, and socioeconomic factors =
in the US?


First choice is PhD prog=
rams with MA as a backup plan. (she is a nontraditional student with a BS,1=
5 years ago; limited social science academic background,
but has stellar GRE scores, and has been doing incredible community based =
HIV women’s related research and advocacy where she has worked (ASO) =
for many years now, and is very grounded in social science).  She now =
wishes to get the formal training and degree
to further work she has already been doing.


So please do suggest both PhD and MA=
programs that fit her interests.   If MA, programs in Northern C=
alifornia are especially of interest as that is where she is currently
based but if you know of other good MA programs, please suggest those as w=
ell. Regarding PhD programs, she understands that commitment and is ready t=
o relocate and focus full time on that degree….so the world is open i=
n that regards


Send your suggestions to me rather t=
han the listserv –  


Thanks! — CF



Carrie E. Foote, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Sociology
Director of Graduate Studies

Indiana University-Purdue University

CA 306b, 425 University Blvd.

Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

Phone: 317.278.8454


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