HIv/AIDS memoirs/biographies

Dear SAN Colleagues,


I am trying a new assignment for my AIDS and Society=
Class this semester that involves a reaction paper to an AIDS memoir or bi=
ography.  Essentially I will have the student choose a book and then h=
ave them apply some of the concepts and
ideas we have discussed in class to shed sociological insight on the exper=
iences portrayed in the book. I am still working out the details of the ass=
ignment.  My questions for you, can anyone recommend any good books to=
add to my list?  I am not looking for
academic books, rather memoirs or biographies.  They can be about fol=
ks who have lived or been dramatically affected by HIV/AIDS. Some examples =
of ones that might work well for my AIDS and Society class so far are:=


AIDS Memoir: Journal of an HIV-Positive Mother
Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope=

Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir
A Burden of Silence: My Mother=
‘s Battle with AIDS
I Have Something to Tel=
l You: A Memoir

Po-boy Contraband: From Diagnosis Back to=
Positive: Living with HIV/AIDS=
A Sister’s Tale: A Family Memoir 
Surviving HIV: Growing Up a Secret an=
d Being Positive
There is No Me Without Yo=

We Are All The Same: A Story of=
a Boy’s Courage and a Mother’s Love
In my Own Country
Ryan White: My Own Story (Ryan White
Witness To AIDS (Edwin Cameroon)
Zombie Curse: A Doctor’s 25-year Journey into the Heart of the AIDS Epidemi=
c in Haiti
Messenger: A self portrait (Mary Fisher)
No Time to Lose: A Life in Pursuit of Deadly Viruses
My Own Country: A doctors =

V Infected by Her Cheating Pastor Husband: A Wife’s Courageous True Story o=
f Betrayal, Survival and Forgiveness 



I would like to offer a variety of choices that show=
the diversity of voices/experiences in the context of AIDS and was hoping =
to add a few from the developing world.


If anyone has some books I might add to the list, I =
would appreciate the feedback (as well as whether you think any of the book=
s above should not be included….I have only read a few of them myself=
).  Many thanks!  – CF








Carrie E. Foote, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Sociology
Director of Graduate Studies

Indiana University-Purdue University

CA 306b, 425 University Blvd.

Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

Phone: 317.278.8454


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