CONFIRMED TIME IS 6:30 – RE: Reminder: SAN Business meeting at ASA

The time of the SAN Bu=
siness meeting is 6:30. I had a typo below in my reminder email. My sincere=
apologies for any confusion. –CF 


From: Foote, C=
arrie Elizabeth

Sent: Friday, August 15, 2014 11:02 PM
Subject: Reminder: SAN Business meeting at ASA – Please Join Us Satu=
rday August 16, @6:30


Just a friendly remind=
er! If you are attending the summer meetings, please join us for the annual=
SAN business meeting which is this weekend, Saturday at 6pm. Details are b=
elow! Best, CF


From: Foote, C=
arrie Elizabeth

Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2014 9:30 PM

Subject: SAN Business meeting at ASA – Please Join Us Saturday Augus=
t 16, @6:30


Hello SAN Colleagues,


If you are attending the annual Soci=
ology Summer Meetings, please mark your calendars to join us for the Sociol=
ogist AIDS Network Annual Business meeting on Saturday August
16 at 6:30!  We will acknowledge this year’s SAN student compet=
ition awardees and discuss possibilities for a thematic session sponsored b=
y SAN for the 2016 meetings (ASA has yet to announce 2016 info so there is =
time to plan…if anyone has insider info on
the 2016 theme, please do share).  


Meeting Room Assign=
Hilton Square: Union Square 22;
Event Date & Time: 8/16/201=
4, 6:30-8:15pm  (but we promise to be done by 7:45).


I cannot make the meetings this year=
so a
big thank you to Sam F=
riedman who will run the meeting in my place. SAN Treasurer Neal Carnes wil=
be there to collect your dues
J  — CF



Carrie E. Foote, Ph.D,=
Associate Professor, Sociology
Director of Graduate Studies

Indiana University-Pur=
due University

CA 306b, 425 Universit=
y Blvd.

Indianapolis, Indiana =

Phone: 317.278.8454



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