Author Meets Critics Sessions @ ASA

From Tasi Padamsee



Hi Folks – 


I’m writing to follow up on the ideas for Au=
thor Meets Critics sessions, from the SAN Business Meeting last week. &nbsp=
;Great to see so many of you there, by the way!


As promised, I asked Celeste Watkins-Hayes h=
ow to get these sessions on the program, and about our specific ideas for s=
essions.  Here’s what I learned in that conversation, and


Proposals for AMC sessions are due to ASA at=
the same time as proposals for Special & Thematic Sessions, which is u=
sually in the fall of the prior academic year.  So, right now
would be the time to pull together something for ASA 2017; proposals submi=
tted Fall 2016 would be in consideration for ASA 2018.


Trevor Hoppe’s book is indeed under contract=
, but won’t be ready for the ASA 2017 deadline.  Let’s keep that on th=
e radar, and pursue it next fall for ASA 2018.


Jennifer Chan’s book is a different story. &=
nbsp;It seems that one should be an ASA member (and a long-standing one, no=
t just one who joins after the book is out) in order to be considered
for an AMC panel.  I’m not sure if Jennifer is a sociologist by train=
ing or a member of ASA – I do see that she’s in a Department of Educational=
Studies.  If someone would like to volunteer to contact her, then we’=
ll find out if it makes sense to propose her
2015 book for an AMC session at ASA 2017.  I’m afraid my current sche=
dule is nuts so I can’t take charge of this myself, but perhaps one of the =
individuals who was interested in pursuing this idea could do so instead?


I wish you all a terrific Fall,




Tasleem J. Padamsee, PhD

Principal Investigator – Pre=
venting Breast Cancer Project


Assistant Professor, Divisio=
n of Health Services Management & Policy, College of Public Health=

Faculty Affiliate, James Com=
prehensive Cancer Center

The Ohio State University



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