ASA HIV related Sessions Saturday- Tuesday

Hello SAN Colleagues, see below for the HIV related presenta=
tion line-up at ASA. Most are single papers buried in different
sessions.  There is one fully dedicated HIV related session featuring=
work by several SAN members [Session 122, Saturday at 2:30 – the Soc=
ial Dimensions of AIDS].  Note that SAN members are highlighted in Bol=
d.  Also note that several authors throughout are
not highlighted….please share information about SAN with them and en=
courage them to join our network! — CF  


109TH AM=

CO, CA 2014


, 2:30 to 4:10pm


106. Table 8. Open Referred Roundtables=

Inequality and Health

The First Neoliberal Pandemic: Wh=
y Inequality and Structure Matter to the Spread of HIV/AIDS
Helen Sharon Jolly, State U of New York-Stony Brook


122. Soci=
al Dimensions

Session Presider:
Shari Lee Dworkin, U of California-San Francisco
Discussant: Samuel R. Friedman, National Development and Rese=
arch Institutes

Discussing the Limits of Confidentiality: The Impact of HIV Criminalization=
on Nurses’ Counseling Practice

Chris Sanders, Medical College of Wisconsin

HIV after 40 in Rural=
South Africa

Sanyu A. Mojola, U of Colorado-Boulder; Jill R. Williams, U of Color=
ado-Boulder; Nicole Angotti, U of Colorado-Boulder

Masculinity and HIV: =
A Synthesis and Application of Theories of Masculinity for Understanding Me=
n’s HIV-risk Behaviors

Paul J Fleming, U of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Ralph J
DiClemente, Emory U; Clare Barrington, U of North Carolina-Chapel Hill=

Structural Influences on the Capacity of Women Sex Workers in India to Prac=
tice Condom Use –
Gay Young, America=
n U; Mona J.
Danner, Old Dominion U; Lucia Fort, Consultant; Kim M. Blankenship,=
American U


DAY, 4:30 to 5:50pm


157.  The Comparative Political Ec=
onomy of

HIV/AIDS in the United States and=
the United Kingdom: Similar Social Challenges, Different Government  =

Tasleem Juana Padamsee, The Ohio State U


SATURDAY, 6:30-7:45



Hilton Square: Union Square 22;


SUNDAY, 8:30-10:10


183. International Organizations and Wo=

Developing National AIDS Response=
Nolan Phillips, U of California-Irvine


SUNDAY, 12:30-1:30

Section on Sociology of Development Roun=
dtable Session Table 1. Gender and Health

Microfinance: An Intervention for HIV/AIDS Awareness among Indian Women.=
Swati Singhand Cynthia M. Cready, U of North Texas

SUNDAY, 2:30-4:10

Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) Resear=
ch Session. Issues in Stratification: Health, Politics, Work, and A ging in=
Domestic and Global Context

Heterosexism, Racism, and HIV Sexual Risk Behavior among American Indian/Al=
aska Native Men Who Have Sex With Men.
Matthew T=
own, Portland State  U.


322. Section on Medical Sociology Round=
Session Table 7. HIV/AIDS

Table Presider: Alexandre White, Boston U


Burdened with a Second Sight: Dou=
ble Consciousness and the Social Construction of HIV+ Experience.
Alexandre White, Boston U


Semen Arousal and HIV Risk among =
Men Using the Internet to Find Partners for Unprotected Sex.

Hugh Klein, Kensington Research Institute,


Sexual Abuse History and Gender, =
and HIV Risk Practices among Urban-Dwelling African

Hugh Klein, Kensin=
gton Research Institute;
Claire E. Sterk, Emory U; Kirk W.

Elifson, Georgia State U


MONDAY 8:30-10:10=

356. Section on Global and Transnationa=
l Sociology
Paper Session. Ties between Local and Global: Negotiating the Role of Inte=
rnational Organizations

Transnational Knowledge Transfers=
: An Analysis of Local NGO Participation at the 2012 International AIDS Con=

Rachel Sullivan Robinson, American University

Claire Laurier Decoteau, U of Illinois-Chicago

MONDAY, 10:30-12:10

387. Sociology of Science 2

The Epistemological Divide in NIH=
Funded HIV Prevention Science.
Adam Isaiah Gree=
n and

Kat Kolar, U of Toronto


396. Section on Global and Transnationa=
l Sociology:
Global Governance, Chaos and Order

Colonizing the Clinic: The Advent=
ures of Law in HIV Treatment and Research.

Carol Heimer

Jaimie Morse, Northwestern University


The Implementation-Autonomy Trade=
Off: How Policy Implementation Shapes the Structures and Strategies of AID=
Tara A. McKay, Robert Wood Johnson Foundat


MONDAY, 2:30-4:10=

446. Section on Sex and Gender Paper Se=

Responsibilizing HIV – Positive P=
eople through Prevention: What are the Implications?

Trevor Alexander Hoppe, U of Michigan

TUESDAY, 8:30-10:10

512. Section on Sex and Gender Ro=
undtable Session

Table 5. Health, Stigma, and Access to Care

Mothering and HIV: Perceptions of=
HIV-Positive Women’s Parental Fitness.

Abdallah M.

Badahdah, U of North Dakota

TUESDAY, 10:30-11:30

546. Section on Sociology of Population=
Session: Table 1. Gender, Families and Development


Is Schooling a "Social Vaccine&=
quot; against HIV for Adolescent Girls? Evidence from Malawi and

Julia Andrea Behrman, NewYork University

Table 2. Fertility in Poorer Nations

Injectable Contraceptives, Fertil=
ity, and HIV: A Stover Fertility Decomposition of Malawi’s Total Fert=
ility Rate.

Hannah E. Furnas, Pennsylvania State U




Carrie E. Foote, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Sociolog=
Director of Graduate Studies

Indiana University-Purdue University

CA 306b, 425 University Blvd.

Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

Phone: 317.278.8454


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