Welcome to the Sociologists AIDS Network

Welcome to the Sociologists AIDS Network

The Sociologists’ AIDS Network (SAN) was founded by a group of sociologists, including the late Martin Levine, who were concerned with HIV/AIDS. SAN aims:

  • to increase the use of sociological perspectives in HIV/AIDS research and prevention,
  • to increase inclusion of HIV/AIDS concerns in all branches of sociology, and
  • to serve as a community resource for sociologists working in HIV/AIDS.

At the annual American Sociological Association meeting, SAN sponsors sessions on HIV/AIDS and makes awards for outstanding scholarship on HIV/AIDS.

Are you a sociologist or social scientist studying HIV/AIDS? Join today!

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2 Responses to “Welcome to the Sociologists AIDS Network”

  1. Kwiringira Japheth 20. Feb, 2011 at 8:11 am

    The onslaught of HIV has posed such a challenge to our existence at all levels of society; this means that all resources need and must be marshaled to respond. Sociology is undoubtedly a key arsenal in this call. We shall keep the fight on as humanity advances.

    Japheth Kwiringira

  2. Kwiringira Japheth 09. Aug, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    Refer to ‘interface of conflict, HIV and culture, Experiences from Northern Uganda’ a publication from Conflict and health Journal.

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